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I am re-posting here the announcement of Writing Center workshops and hours. The WC is a wonderful resource for writers–working on any type of project. For “Nonfiction,” it is a good way to approach the writing intensive aspect of the course–plan in advance to work on your writing process for the projects in the course. I particularly encourage you to think about using the Writing Center at earlier stages of your writing–not just at the end when something is due in a day or two. A visit to the Writing Center can also be effective after a writing assignment is completed: follow up on suggestions made by your professor; take your writer’s “to-do” list in there and get some help on one or two items.

I have no doubt that Ben Franklin would have used a Writing Center–I wouldn’t be surprised if he invented it.

Here is the relevant information:

Welcome back, Washington College Students!

Do you already have your first writing assignments on your mind? Well, as of Monday, January 30th the Writing Center in Goldstein 106 will be open for the Spring semester! We hope you’ll ease into your next writing project by booking a session at the Writing Center with one of our fantastic writing consultants. Our daytime hours are Monday through Friday, 10:30 to 5:30pm. The schedule is up and ready, so book an appointment today at http://writingcenter.washcoll.edu!

We even have a workshop dedicated to helping you get started! On Monday, February 6th we’ll offer our first Writing Workshop of the semester: “Staring Down the Blank Page: The Writing Process Made Easier” at 4:00pm in Goldstein 117. For a full list of the semester’s workshops see the attached flyer, or visit us athttp://writingcenter.washcoll.edu/writingworkshops

Also on February 6th, we’ll start offering our drop-in evening hours, now at the Rose O’Neill Literary House! We’re super excited to have our evening hours housed in such an inviting and convenient location, and we think you’ll really enjoy the comfortable atmosphere (not to mention all the inspirational energy from the writers who have visited the Lit House in the past). Come see our Writing Consultants in the cozy and comfortable conference room on the 2nd floor for a quick question or full session, Monday throughThursday from 6:30 to 8:30. Note: since this Lit House is closed on Sundays, our Sunday hours will be in the Miller Library (also from 6:30 to 8:30).

As always, we invite you to write in the Center in Goldstein, or settled in on a Lit House couch, so we’ll be right there to help when you get stuck or have a question.

We wish you great success this Spring, and we hope to see you soon!

The Washington College Writing Center

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